Visitors in my city

Usually when people come into my space they make a well mannered introduction to myself and the gang before doing business. With the combined efforts of my group, we make it obvious to any of our kind that we laid claim to this area. Which area, I’ll have to be a bit obtuse about.

Sinclair and I found the two visitors while on our bi-monthly dinner arrangement. With Sinclair there’s barely a word spoken usually, a safe silence in the dead of night. When he did speak, it was a ‘hello’. Not to me.

Hahnee and Gregory Dantre were their names, a sophisticated but lost brit and a wonderful native. Since Gregory loves to be first in line for everything, I greeted Hahnee first. In ways because the civilized people of my kind almost always aren’t worth the trouble. The mistake of knowledge has lead them all down a path of hubris.

Hahnee was content enough with the gesture, though later on he chided me in private. Apparently the man has grown on him in these coming years and, in his words, “what was once a front became a farce, and a farce ill kempt”. Sinclair added that I fell for the same ploy, and I hated that I couldn’t disagree. I did though stop him from answering more of Hahnee’s questions; being in charge is my deal not his.

Apparently the two were passing on through with a trail of another of my kind, one that had swindled out of a deal they had made. Gregory had taken great offense and had made a ruckus in their own plot of land, so now no one can rest easy. Hahnee doesn’t even know what deal was made, and Gregory kept huffing that “he knows what he is owed and will not be made a fool!” (Along with some handwaving that was desperately missing a cigar.)

As good hosts we decided to invite them to dinner and a show! What could go wrong?

By the end of the night we were done with their company. . . .

I made not so subtle, subtle hints that whatever war path Mr. Dantre was on that I want it out of my city. Of course Hahnee tried to cover for the slights, outrageous attitude and drive of the man, but the sun was coming up and I needed silence. They did drop the tidbit that the outlaw was lurking largely around the should be condemned factory on the west side. While I wouldn’t be caught dead there, Sinclair is already half way looking dead and willing to investigate it . I stressed the need for subterfuge and stealth, because getting caught in a multi-landscaped debacle was not on my agenda for the month.

Maybe its my age, or maybe its the quick escalation, but far too many are ready to plunge into the depths of madness just for some weight in negotiations. I’d say it makes rather poor men


Can I Get a 'Hell Yes'!

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