Time Pass

I have made a decision, and now it has come to the end. After nearly a year and some more, I still haven’t regained order in the way I wanted. I thought if I put all my effort into getting rid of the corpses wandering within my metropolitan land, it would be successful. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Few were reburied, but the main ones have become weeds; impossible to get rid of. Whenever the group and I think we got something of theirs whether that be location, material, or event, they slip through us. Even Jeff is getting irritable.

So now I chill before an impressive billboard, the sky nearly losing all of its pinks. This isn’t a fun time for the likes of me. The nights aren’t so long, aren’t dark at all, and when moving I always have to remember to close any curtains in my rooms. But I also love the warm weather….. When it can happen. It’s been havoc, and I have been driving Ambrose crazy with my apparel choices. That at least gives me a chuckle.

So I guess this will be my honorary post of redemption and the breaking of my hiatus. So for those who don’t know me or are new here, let me introduce myself.

My name is Czech. I am a walking nightmare with age you could not imagine. I write Night Time Honors, the blog you are reading. And while my tales are fantastic, you are in no way required to believe them. I leave enough to the imagination to give everyone a choice. Also note that most images are not mine, but are from google. I’ll try to keep the owners on it.

Welcome past and present guests, it’s time to dance in the dark.


Can I Get a 'Hell Yes'!

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