Happy December

Hope everyone is okay during this month of eternal darkness. I have to say, on my part it was nice hanging outside at nearly 530 in the evening. Sinclair and Kaylee weren’t the most trusting of the situation but I got them eventually.

The downside of it this season is that Ambrose is gone until tbe new year, off doing his lime of work in the crevices of the old world. This means I’m stuck with Jeff until he leaves. (February ish). He started off last night with discussing the holidays which after Thanksgiving I was worried about. It wasn’t as philosophical but it was all the more deranged. Unfortunately, after a quick internet search I realized he was right. Happy whatever the hell everyone is celebrating. I think I’ll stay the normal ones.

Okay, I won’t lie. I do enjoy board games rather much. So maybe I’ll add that day to the list. :/


Can I Get a 'Hell Yes'!

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