Who Is Jeff

It’s taken me more time than I would like to admit to write this post. Several drafts lay on the floor of my room, filled with sincere and insincere description of my associate. At first, it’s easy to toss Jeff off as a raving mad man, doomed to his own psychoses and hypotheses. But that would discredit all the smart, genuine, and clever plans he had carried out through the decades. Between his personal tragedies and his professional tragedies, Jeff still has the time to be an utter mess and a fool for those of us who need one.  I’ll try being nice to him in this, sparingly.

The fashion sense in one place during 1860’s. Kind of.

Jeff was trailing behind Ambrose since the early 1860’s. At the Medellin conference in Colombia, I noted a strange shaggy man whispering by me and nearly attacked him for it. Others on Ambrose’s behalf stopped me and rather smartly moved him. It was strange how delicate they handled him, all while he was whispering about a conspiracy among the street urchins outside. At the time, many just ignored him. I certainly didn’t notice him run Ambrose out the backdoor of the conference. If I had I would have known something was wrong and left myself with my guests. Also, that may have been my punishment for making snap judgements about him. (It wouldn’t be the last time either)

I would continue to see Jeff at events and places, always amazed that he was still alive. Understand Ambrose aligned with this one but allowed a long leash which is usually a recipe for disaster. I couldn’t understand until, about the early 1900’s, Alice came back to the scene. Obviously not her real name, she was called Alice for the games she would play. A young one herself, Alice had made a name for herself as a ruthless investigator and torturer. She mostly worked in the South Americas and Africa but had been known to end up In the North Americas and the Pacific Islands during big Pig Hunts. (It’s just called that; individuals were mostly hunted)

Delicate and small, She was similar.

I’ve never been in the same crowd to really hear of her. Justice within our society was always a farce as far as I was concerned; An act to play for the others while someone’s agenda was being checked off. Still, when it came down to it, she was a sight to see.

                For a full hour

At that time Ambrose and I had started traveling with each other once again. There were still hurt feelings and sore egos but, it was safer at that time. I saw firsthand how Jeff reacted to her. Luckily, he didn’t gather attention as I feared he would, but the unadulterated fear in his eyes were crystal clear. Ambrose got him away while I stayed to show face at the meeting. When Alice came to talk to me, alone and far too confident for her own good, I learned three important things.

  • Alice was mad and liked to spread her madness like a disease, knowingly and passionately.
  • She was just as brittle as she appeared to be. And just as quick to break apart with sizable pressure.
  • This ‘justice’ team were just a bunch of hitmen for a leader in Britain. One that I had fought against once upon a time. He was back, and all too hungry for vengeance.

I can’t say it was quick fix for my relationship with Jeff after my meeting with her. He had spiraled back to the insistent fool of whispers I had loathed. But in time, I became more friendly towards him, and he passionately reciprocated. In hindsight, him also being inspired from Ambrose’s existence did help significantly. And what was better was that even in the adrenaline that came with creativity and passion, Jeff wasn’t completely blinded by it. He saw the stubbornness; the arrogance and the timeless threat Ambrose continued to be.

I enjoy his artwork, especially in crocheting and watercolor mediums. He makes tapestries that spans entire walls and never fails in the story telling. In watercolors he does a lot of portraits. The way he emphasizes the colors we still have is a bit breathtaking. What usually is a rotting husk for an abomination suddenly has hope and bit of happiness to them. He did me once ago and I never looked at black the same way. Instead of an end, he made it a waiting beginning.

To keep talking about Jeff and not include his kindness would be a huge disservice. He’s of the mind to give it before knowing an individual, rather take it back then never have offered it. For a while I was annoyed by it, as well as enjoying the sight. It wasn’t until I brought Sinclair to our group did I understand the weight of this choice. Because of it, Sinclair had an easier time adjusting and I never had to worry about Ambrose getting violent with him. (I’ve been told jealousy but that is just odd thought to have.)

Suits him.

I can’t lie and say Jeff hasn’t been a source of worry during the last couple of years. He listens too much about the issues with the higher members and understands too little. I wish he would be content without knowing. It would be easier to handle his outburst and fits, but I’m in no place to say anything. Sometimes the thought to talk to Ambrose crosses my mind, but it still feels intrusive. As much as our relationship has gotten better, at times it’s obvious the power separation between us. And maybe it’s for the best. He should have stopped showing kindness towards me eons ago, and still he maintains. Jeff is the signature,

“Respect is given to all, but kindness is only given to some.”

NOTE: These aren’t any of my pictures. Just googled for references that would match.


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