Prague Is Closed

Among the other oddities that have reared their ugly heads, the news have hit us that Prague is closed for all visits -official or not. It’s the first time we’ve heard anything about Prague since the 60’s.

Closure of areas for our kind isn’t new. In the 60’s, it was Prague and a small village in Hungary. In the 80’s, it was the New York State and the Philippines. The last place to be closed was Mary in Turkmenistan around 2007-2008. (Though I have no idea whom they were trying to keep out or in. Its not a place my kind should be staying at.)

What makes this closure odd is that there is no reason with the oncoming news. It’s just silence on their end. I might send some correspondence to a group of rascals I know that could slip in and find put what’s going on. Dangerous sure, but so is being in the dark.

Closures means news. Refusal means secrets. Secrets means plots. And I am not losing out on these secrets.


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