The Rage the resides

It hadn’t hit me until recently the sheer boredom and melancholy that waived in the air inside the large house. It would be suffocating for anyone needing to breathe and even for us who really don’t. Still, it got under my nerves. Even more so when Ambrose would start behaving badly. This time it was with the Frozen movie.

That was the original post idea. To review the years old movie was supposed to be an easy and light-hearted post that I would share with Kaylee. We were watching it and she was telling me all the small details that went into the movie. The directors, the earlier plotlines and all the credentials of the actors playing the characters. While watching it Ambrose came into the room and started ripping into us, saying incoherent statements that to this moment I don’t actually remember. The words were weird as he said them, like it was someone else talking; someone more sullen, angry, alone.

I tried to calm him down and see what he was truly getting at. Kaylee watching movies wasn’t a new time investment activity and neither was her sharing it with one of us. Yet he stood before me angry that I was spending the time with her. I couldn’t understand why. I’m not proud to say this but we did get into an argument. A loud one. A very intense one.

From the corner hallways came Sinclair and Jeff, peaking out to see why we were making noise all of a sudden. Neither of them spoke. I wish they had. It was just me and Ambrose, as it always was. With no one between us, eventually, I realized he was getting too personal, and left for my room. I was done with socializing and the movie.

Luckily nothing had been moved inside my domain, so I didn’t have a reason to come out of it for several days. I would hear every so often a set of footsteps. They would stop at my door, wait for minutes or hours, and then leave. They were always different. They were always silent.

When the footsteps had said something, it was worse than if they had stayed silent. Is this how it was when I was gone?


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