The Pressure of Posting Something Amazing

Already January something and I haven’t posted anything. In some ways its because I hadn’t done much. In other ways, I haven’t had anything spectacular to post about. In a way I feel like I shouldn’t be posting the mundane. Everyone can do mundane, undead or alive. But in a turn of events, its the mundane that I really like sharing the most. Well, even though Jeff says no, I wanted to post a small update with what’s happening.

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Christmas and Hanukah came and went. With those two mixed it was a fun time. Ambrose had kept his religion from his previous life and Jeff had adopted a while ago out of sheer boredom. (Time will do that.) Sinclair had always done Christmas but knew about Hanukah and was interested in seeing what fun a mixture could bring. As for Kaylee, she had never heard of Hanukah which brought a lot of questions to mind but for the sake of having a good time, I never asked. For me, while I had seen the two holidays come to fruition and into the now, I had never had an opinion on one or the other. It was a celebration to get through the cold season, and no matter what anyone will tell will change my mind. Still, it’s always fun to skip the red and green for the blue and gold. (Ambrose and Kaylee love the gold hence why I’ve spammed it all of this post.)

To start of the new year I had written up some blog posts and now rethinking this whole blogging activity, I might start posting them. They are a mixture of talking about the collective group along with some distant friends that while I haven’t seen for a bit, still bring a smile to my face when I think of them. It’s not the most EXCITING thing, but I find that sometimes the most exciting thing is sitting down with a good book. Which reminds me, I should make another post about the gifts we got. Not to brag or anything, just another thing to write. I don’t want to spam this post with everything.

After this brain dump, I think I feel better about what I need to do. Hope everyone had a fun and happy . . whatever ya celebrated. – Czech


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