Gifts We Got

Gifts were exchanged and I got a lot of books. So many that I could probably put them down as an excuse of why I’m not online much. From romance, Sci-fi, and Horror to Modern thrillers and some bibliographies I had been eye-ing for some time, I got quite a pile. I can’t say I’m bored yet.

As for the others, Ambrose got some accessories- A watch from me; A necklace from Kaylee; a pair of cufflinks from Clair; and an ornate hairbrush from Jeff. Something about that hairbrush got Ambrose all gooey for the rest of the night and while I could ask, it was too sweet to bother for an explanation.

Kaylee got dolls from a bunch of different cultures in big fancy dresses, big fancy dresses and bows for herself and a LARGE dollhouse with soooooo many pieces of furniture.

Jeff got art supplies and the dreaded wooden head we had seen a while back in an antique shop a county over. I recoiled from it the first time I saw it and also when he opened it that night. Luckily he promptly put it in his studio so I didn’t stay in a corner the rest of my life. (I refuse to describe it. )

Lastly, Sinclair got a set of hardrock CD’s of a band I didn’t pay attention to know or remember, a few customized beanies with sarcastic things he’s said to us (this was surprisingly from Jeff- not Ambrose), a collectable figurine Kaylee had gotten from a concert he had taken her to, and I got him some headphones and a few pieces to a wall stereo he is STILL fixing up.

It was a good time for all and will hopefully satiate us for a bit. 🙂


Can I Get a 'Hell Yes'!

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