I now know the annoyance that is the council and their men. . .

And I can’t believe I was a part of the high council’s unit for a part of my life. How wrong I was to believe we were doing anything other than being nosey-buddies. So let me explain.

I love Jack. Who doesn’t?

Halloween is nearly being ruined by these guys who had come after the whole slabs and wannabes incident. Apparently when Ambrose torched the entire place, it attracted a bit of attention. (Not to me, fires in that district is really normal, but I’m not one of them anymore so I don’t have a say.) These guys are from the high council made up of all the ghouls and souls literature likes to write about; And even some that are a bit obscure in the reading world. A unit sent out to out region to make sure we are staying…. Discrete? That might not be the correct word since that word oxed with the nature of myself and the others tend to be a bit stricter than it actually is. None the less what I’m trying to say in an elegant way is that the rules are few, far in between and aren’t as strict as a mortal would think they are. There are slabs of course, and they mostly consist of prey.

This sucks because for the most part they’ve been freeloading in our house and have been minding everyone’s business. Kaylee told me that a part of the unit followed her to Griffin and got into the actual ceremony they were performing that night! That is unheard of since none of the council men are witches!

What is even worse is that for most of the month we’ve been too on edge to properly celebrate, which means we didn’t decorate or go out to events being held in our town. There’s been this haunted hayride Kaylee likes to go to and she was disappointed when we missed it. (Its a selective time before halloween that it runs.) While Sinclair played halloween music during the visit, he only kept it to himself. Ambrose didn’t make any costumes and Jeff didn’t do any art for the house. It really sucked.


A few days ago actually and since then we’ve been on auto-drive to spook the house. Kaylee used up the best iron pot we had to make a muck of a goo with sugar eyes and candy corn. Sinclair hooked up the stereo speakers on a looped playlist. Jeff and Ambrose are handling last minute decorations and costumes. And me? I went to a local thrift stores, antique shops, and locksmiths to find keys of  different cuts and sizes. These will be the favors for after the party. 

Yes. There will be a party.

No, we don’t worry about the short amount of time. Creatures like us have an unlimited amount of time, so a few days is still okay to make this happen.

Time to finally get in the mood!

Can I Get a 'Hell Yes'!

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