“Breakers” by Doug Johnstone – Book Review #Orentober


Niddrie tower block Niddrie tower block

Tyler lives in a tower block in Niddrie, one of Edinburgh’s impoverished neighbourhoods. He lives with his Mum and his little sister, Bethany (aka Bean). His Mum is an alcoholic/addict so the responsibility of caring for her and his sister Bean falls on his narrow shoulders. If that wasn’t bad enough, his elder brother and sister live in the apartment next door. Barry is a bullying thug, often drug-addled like their mother. He coerces Tyler into committing robberies with him with threats of violence against him and his little sister.

When one of their more lucrative robberies turns deadly, Tyler’s life takes a turn for the worse.  Frightened, guilt-ridden, and traumatised, Tyler seeks reprieve from his horrible situation. When he meets posh schoolgirl Flick, he wonders if she will be his salvation or his downfall. Or… will he be hers…

Constantly afraid for their physical safety, Tyler…

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