Hitting A Purple Patch

Progress is always something to celebrate!

Black Thoughts

I’ve hit a purple patch this week on the writing front and passed 28,000 words on my current book, ‘The Kirkwood Scott Chronicles: Skelly’s Tower.’ The KSC universe has exploded this week with a host of new settings and characters being introduced. As ever, most of these have come to me during the writing process itself as I continue to blast through the chapters in chronological fashion. Or as chronological as a KSC novel can ever be.

I’ve surprised myself with some of the new characters who have deposited themselves on my screen having come completely out of left field. Such has been the gush of ‘new stuff’ I’ve had to rein myself in at times and focus on the main characters – Kirkwood, Meredith, Harley and Emily. Oh, and not forgetting Skelly of course. They are the cornerstone of the book and it’s important I don’t disappear down a…

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