Why YA Is No Longer Targeted to Teens

Annnnndd that is why I never truly got into a conversation about the books Clair and Kaylee read. It seemed like the simplest problems made complicated. But I knew what genre the books were in and just nodded and let them squeal between the two of them. It’s a much more enjoyable conversation that way.

Because I’m seriously salty as hell right now; I just remembered this controversial topic that is going on Twitter right now, or well the past few days. Or maybe I just dreamed up the whole thing, it’s possible. I’ve been half-asleep that past few days because hello anxiety attack where suddenly I’m the expert on what the difference between an anxiety attack and a panic attack. If someone asks me that, look it up. 

Teens Don’t Have Money-Adults Do

This is probably the main reason right here. I’m fifteen-years-old who does not have a permit yet, nor a job. A lot of teens don’t have a full time job. They’re probably lucky enough to have a part-time job after school and such, but teens primarily get jobs during the summer where they don’t have to worry about school and all that.

Publishers are mostly focused on who is buying the…

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