The Art of Dimension Jumping in Fiction

Legends of Windemere

Blink from Marvel

There’s a difference between teleportation and dimension hopping that some people don’t always realize.  The former involves jumping from one location to another in the same world.  The latter is about moving between different worlds.  You can call it dimensional teleportation, which works.  Yet, the two words aren’t interchangeable.  Obviously, I’m here to talk about the more complicated one.

Why is dimension jumping more  of a challenge than regular teleportation?  You have to build a lot for it to work.  If the character is moving between worlds that are identical to each other then there isn’t much of a point.  You need to make slight differences to the worlds in order for it to feel like multiple dimensions.  It could be something minor like a mountain moved to another place or major like it rains worms that are devoured by the hungry grass.  Basically, there has be…

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