I can’t deal with Waiting

I can’t also deal with people who can wait. It makes my stomach turn why things aren’t moving in a way, Any way! The others find it increasingly funny when I start becoming suspicious during waiting periods. But I can’t help it! As someone who has been alive for far too long I know how much time things should take. I even know the time it takes for it to happen if the operator is at all stifled or not apt to do the job correctly. What’s worse is that I also know how long it takes for a deadly threat to manifest. Story time I guess!

A quick photo from the internet for anyone who wants it.

Roughly in the 1800’s I was visiting a friend of a friend in his little hut in the coastal town of Stralsund, Germany. It was a fairly easy night with some free “food” and easier entertainment. The evening was quickly coming to a close with the morning coming ever so closer. Jonas was hosting everyone and while the “food” was being escorted out, I guess he went for another bite. I didn’t think much about the time when he was out because he was the host. If he wanted a last hooray then who was I to object. I was satisfied. But what I failed to notice is that gut feeling that crept in and as I and another friend left we found Jonas. Broken in half a few feet away on the brim of the barn he had. His inside were gutted out and to spare the most squeamish, it was torturous to see him like that. To say the final note, he was still alive. Creatures like us need to be decapitated to die, otherwise we go into a cationic like state, but not always when important systems are still together. His was.

Stralsund, Germany, today

I didn’t have the gumption to end his suffering, neither did my friend at the time. We instead called for someone from the house, which prompted everyone to come out. They took one look and was completely horrified. Jonas’ wife, bless her heart to this day, took control of the situation instantly and killed him. Then with a lantern nearby, set him alight with some stakes to keep it all from squirming. She sent everyone on their ways with my friend and I taking shelter in a Poland port city and the next night, went to the capital to alert one of the many governing heads our kind had there.

What truely happened afterwards, I don’t know. That friend and I haven’t seen eachother for a bit and with Clair and the gang, I hadn’t had a need to go venturing out to meet any others. What I did hear was that there was a hunter nearby and Jonas got pretty showy about himself. Got himself tortured by the mortal and the head huncho couldn’t get to the hunter in a reasonable amount of time. (No surprise there really.)

From then I started taking more notice around myself. How long does it take to pour glasses of wine? How long does it usually take different people to feed before something is wrong? I know how long it takes Ambrose, Sinclair and Kaylee to eat. Jeff remains a slight mystery being that I can’t stand being in close proximity to him. From my knowledge of the insane, Jeff should be slightly faster than Clair but not as Kaylee. (Ambrose likes the action and will be the slowest out of all of us) I also know how long it should take ordering food in different scenarios and even how long a walk down a corridor should take. This is escpecially good when seeing higher ups now and figuring out if they are trying to use time away to intimidate my group. (A concept I can get more into later on.)

This song recently brought the memory back. I miss Jonas

Call me paranoid if you want but after seeing Jonas cut up and on display on the sidewalk, you would want to know what the hell is going on too.


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