Screaming Awake

After a few days of silence, waking up with metal punks screaming in almost incoherent sentences was only slightly jarring for a moment. I quickly got over that because it meant someone else was home, and that person was Sinclair.

He was sitting at the kitchen table with his bulky stereo from the 80’s. Chrome and with a million buttons, he was deeply involved with a leather book. I carefully got his attention, not sure if he knew I was back.

Nearly jumping from the table. he ran over to me with a giant smile. I was startled by it but he completely missed it as he started shooting off from the hip. Most of the information was lost within the screaming music and after a few minutes of blindly nodding he finally turned down the stereo.

Turning, he smiled. “And that’s pretty much what’s been going down since you’ve been gone.”

He acted like that was the end of it all, as if I could concentrate on what he was saying in between the music ascension. WHAT. THE. FUCK. CLAIR.

I asked him to repeat everything, “I stopped listening a bit ago.”

Call me a jokester like he did but it wasn’t a stunt. I seriously don’t know what he said. Luckily he repeated it all, and . . .

Is murder legal in either society, mortal or not?

Image result for how did you mess it up

Here’s a quick list before I have to go clean it up. (Or might be cleaning up if I am late to post this which might be the more reasonable way.)

  • Ambrose killed another of our kind while thinking they were eating on our turf. (Yeah, that happens.)
  • Jeff nearly went after Andrea after the funeral and since he was detained by everyone else who had one strand of common sense (Or didn’t want to hear me when I found out which would COMPLETELY HAPPEN) left to California to find some space. Maybe also brain as well but I’m doubtful.
  • Kaylee is with her group at Griffin because she didn’t feel comfortable being in an angry and distressed house. Can’t blame her. She still comes by looking for me, and is due any night now.
  • Ambrose left for Paris a bit ago for some work or something. (Neither Clair or I understand that bubble.)
  • A group of wannabes (Newer creatures of our kind) started to hunt in our turf after Ambrose left and Clair couldn’t get them out. They have a hideout in the textile factory on the south side of town, under a highway ramp. Probably in the basement if I remember the layout correctly since it’s a modern build.
  • There are slabs (mortals that are kept sometimes by our kind) with them and that angers me the most. It’s one thing to bring yourselves onto someone else’s turf, but bringing the barely deceased creations with you is another insult on it’s own. I will enjoy getting rid of them.

See everyone soon, I have work to do.


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