Bookish Quiz: What Type of Reader Am I?

Stuck in Fiction

It’s the end of the month, and week, which means it’s time for a little fun. I found another quiz to do and this one is ‘What Type of Reader Are You?’. Apparently there’s 8 types of readers and I have no idea what they are so it’ll be interesting to see what reader I am. This is another one from Epic Reads and the link to it is hereif you’re interested in taking it as well!

Question Number One:

What’s in Your Bag?

a) A wallet, lip gloss, and a pen. Always.

b) A book, of course.

c) My wallet, and probably a few snacks.

d) My e-reader – can’t limit myself to just one book!

I only leave the house at the moment for work, and because my locker is tiny, I can only take a really small bag and there’s no way a book can fit in…

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