Book Review: The Girl King by Mimi Yu

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I’m kinda happy that I’m finally done with my freshmen year, because now blogging needs my attention instead of studying, wishing I was on Summer Vacation, and all these last minute projects, but I’m done. After literally stressed out for a few classes, it was worth it. I’m apparently the band librarian now (haha. It’s called organizing the music literally wanting to rip Pomp and Circumstances in half and Celebration at how many times I had to put that away and doing the flip folders. Where they decided to be a pain and marked Crazy Train missing when it wasn’t. It took me all of the rest of band, my lunch, after my Geometry final, and advisory just to finish that).

I’ve done somewhat good. My Algebra 2 was only a 66% unfortunately. Luckily, it dropped by grade by 3% so I’m still sitting at a b. I improved my…

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