Thursday – A Little Personal – Twiggy is Playing

I enjoy this way too much….. I’m enticed.

Fiction Favorites

Twiggy and Lucy

“Let go. Let me throw it.”

“Grr, no way.”

“Come on Twiggy. You can fetch it.”

“What do you think is easier? Clamping my jaw or running down the hall like an idiot?”

“That would be hard for me to answer. Hey Lucy. Tell her to let go.”

“Huh what? Better humor the boss twiggy. He’s all we got.”

“Okay then. Here is a toy you can toss, Dad.”

“All right. I’ll spin it down the hall.”

“Here you go. One spinning toy.”

“Thanks, Twiggy. Uh, you going to let go?”

“Hmmm. Looks like we are faced with the same conundrum, Dad.”

“Where on earth did you get the word conundrum?”

“Picked it up from you.”

“Hey, Lucy. I got out of playing fetch.”

“How did you do that little one?”

“I took your suggestion.”

“Yeah, Which one was that?”

“To use a big word and flummox Dad.”

“What word…

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