Shooting stars

A Dad trying to cope with the loss of his Partner and becoming a single parent.

Laura did a great post about shooting stars.

It was in response to a Saturday Stream of Consciousness prompt.

It got me thinking about the night sky and meteors.

Everyday over a 100 tons of space particles reach our atmosphere. Up to about 80,000 meteorites fall to the surface of the earth each year. Rarer are the larger space rocks which cause the awesome fireballs. Theoretically on a perfect night you should be able to see maybe 5 shooting stars per hour. But often they feel like they are so rare. They seem rarer than a change in our son’s school meal regime. Stays the same. Everyday it’s just flapjacks. I estimate so far this school year he’s had something like 275 of them. Yesterday we had a school fireball. A rare meal change. Yesterday lunch comprised 6 cheese hash browns and a flapjack.

About three times a…

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