About ‘The Girl and the Stars’ by Mark Lawrence (no spoilers)

I know what I want to add to the library! Kaylee and Sinclair would love it!

that thorn guy

Mark’s books always felt more than just books to me. They felt like wonderful gifts. They felt like magic. At times powerful, at times soothing. At times dark, at times holy. And the best thing about them is the knowing that more will come. And the wonder of them as they shine clearer and brighter with every new story as he gains yet more craft and skill. The cold fact that one day there will be no more I confine in a windowless cell in the back of my mind. Some truths are just too dark, too painful to hold onto for long. I want to soak in an everlasting deluge of these tales.  And I have no need for that darkness to show how dazzling this newest book baby is, anyhow. It comes with the light of a million stars and may well outshine all that came before. For…

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