A little Game to settle us down- No this might be War now.


I announced I have a trip to see a friend in Europe soon and it’s Monopoly we all have to play in order to make Kaylee feel better about it.

There is no god

Love is a curse

And I am not letting Ambrose get to park place and the boardwalk first. Screw that.

Thank goodness for the custom steel table. It stops any of us from flipping th table or throwing it at eachother. At the same time though, I like to see the rage flowing out from all of us, even from me. I think secretly so does Kaylee. It might be the only entertainment she truely gets since she’s the first one out; Poor thing has no clue about finances and backstabbing corporations.

That’s what’s Monopoly is a about right?

No? Well hopefully you never come to my house. We get physical when bank robberies are uncovered.

God help all of us. I’m going for Alantic Ave.


Can I Get a 'Hell Yes'!

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