Uncategorized: The Category I can’t get rid of

While I am still new to the whole blog-o-sphere and community, there is one thing that has come to annoy me: The uncategorized category. Automatically given as the first category for your blog, I found myself really hating that setting. If I don’t put a post under a parent, it will automatically go under the peeve and that is a huge NO in my mind. The weirdest part of this peeve is that I am not an organized person. Away from the blogging life, this fact freaks our dear control freak and usually starts a fight between all of us. It is on the humorous side if one had a chance to watch us.

I don’t know what brought this peeve on but if for any reason you can find a post of mine by searching Uncategorized, please tell me.

It needs to be changed. No excuses.

3d no GIF by J.B. Kinard
Google never let’s me down


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