Much More than A Room Full Of Books

Libraries are great, a personal one is even better!


In the last weeks, we were really busy with our Master and Dina setting up a new library room in our house. We had rented out this room before. For a long time, we thought about how to use this space. Should it become a space for storage as we don’t have a cellar?
That’s the shadow side of collecting, it needs space. Dina was adamant that these piles of books in our rooms and books on books and in front of books on shelves have to go. Obediently, we created not a space for storage but a home for about a thousand books.

Photo: Fuji XT3 Fujinon 16-55mm f2.8

In den letzten Wochen waren wir mit Dina und Masterchen damit beschäftigt, einen neuen Bibliotheksraum in unserem Haus einzurichten. Bis vor kurzem war dieser Raum vermietet. Lange überlegten wir, wie wir den Platz nutzen können. Lagerraum, weil wir keinen Keller haben?
Platz ist der…

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