Waking up with Daymares

A daymare is similar to a nightmare, but one either has it while asleep during the day and being awake during the day. I say this to clarify.

Kaylee got me up at three the other afternoon and to say I was tired is an understatement. I had been stuck awake for the last three cycles, day-to-night, and was enjoying my sleep. I didn’t yell though her face told me she expected it. I reassured her that it was saved for just the others.

That’s the thing with little Kaylee, once you look at her you can’t be angry with her. With those soft brown eyes and round cheeks, she is a complete doll look alike and that’s even when she’s not all Lolita-ed up.

Back to the story, she wakes me up upset about a daymare, still calling it a night mare, and she just wanted someone to talk to. It was on the tip of my tongue to ask why she didn’t open someone else’s bed but I didn’t. We sat together and talk till dusk came and went. It mostly about the old house, who was buried in the catacombs below, have I seen any ghosts and some other “spooky” subjects. From it all it became obvious that something sounded and woke her up. Or kept her up. Did she sleep? She’s far too young for any signs to be showing.

By the time the others woke, my facade was cracking. I couldn’t hide that I was tired and some of my “features” were probably showing. She didn’t mind and kept talking. Eventually Jeff poked his head into the room and waved her to come out. Before leaving she hugged me, and then the minute that door closed I fell right back to sleep.

For two hours. Only two hours.

tired wake up GIF

Shouting woke me up and because I hadn’t closed my bed, I heard it all. I had to admit defeat and get up, at least up enough to calm everyone down and get it quiet.Maybe if everyone got out to eat and satisfy themselves it would leave silence and then I could get back to sleep. Nope. The minute I stepped into the kitchen, they went quiet and right there I knew this would be a long night. Why did I do that?

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