Who EVER touches my laptop again and does this . . I swear I’ll snap

Use my laptop, go ahead. I’m not one of those stingy people that go off because you touched their precious technology. I couldn’t care less.

Use my laptop and download small games, go ahead. It sometimes helps when one of us is stuck in one location for more than a night.

Use my laptop and write that manuscript you’re working on. I have enough memory, Clair’s got my back with that present. I mean, he’s the one who gifted it to me. Hopefully he understands it.

Use my laptop, I don’t care. Most times its not even in my possession and I can’t really bring myself to figure out where it is. BUT.


Turn that brightness setting up past 25% on that sucker and NOT put it back down when you’re done? I will personally bring you to hell myself. It hurts and I can’t stand that.

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Can I Get a 'Hell Yes'!

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