Why Writing Fanfiction Has Made Me a Better Writer

Emmy Carter Writes

I used to feel embarrassed to tell anyone I write fan-fiction. For some reason there’s this stigma around it that made me feel like I wasn’t a ‘proper writer’. This isn’t the case, a writer is a writer no matter what they write. Writing fan fiction is something I enjoy doing and it‘s helped me grow my confidence in my writing ability. My most popular story has gained 31K reads and I’m proud of that. Today I want to share the reasons on why writing fan-fiction has made me a better writer..

It’s allowed me to work on aspects I struggle with.

One of the major aspects I struggle with is show and tell. I have an annoying, bad habit of always writing what the character is feeling instead of painting a picture that the reader can imagine in their mind.

Pacing is another thing I struggle with – it’s just…

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