If There Was a Crime

If there was any reason for paranoia in my society, I would say the rise of the internet and social media would be at fault. Hidden for years, disguised under the cover of darkness, the more glamorous of cities were ours to reap with no consequences. But when’s the last time you were without a phone?

At last, I can’t escape the slimey claws of new technology. I blame Sinclair. He has been non-stop with going to the library and going to a computer lab at a the most inappropriate times. We have to investigate some happenings at the East side? Sorry he’s at the library. Another group is encroaching on our territory and leaving dead bodies? We’ll be damned if Sinclair isn’t already out.

And that leads to a few months ago with Sinclair getting a phone. Sleek and smooth, it just slips into his pocket and then appears in seconds. It seems to please him and as long as it can keep him home where he is needed, I don’t care that it’s around.

Well, as long as he is following the rules of our society. He’s the second youngest but far too smart to waste his life to a stupid mistake. God, I hope he isn’t being stupid with that thing. We already have Jeff.

arielle kebbel eye roll GIF by NBC


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